Photographing Women : 1,000 Poses

Photographing Women : 1,000 Poses


The complete resource for any photographer seeking the best choice of poses!

Features over 1,000 images especially selected to inspire you and help expand your creativity.
Photographs and poses are placed in context, explaining why they do (or sometimes don't) work. A selection of poses features an accompanying lighting diagram, giving a clear understanding of how the photo was made.
Includes a variety of models shot using different lighting rigs, props, and settings-in the studio and on location-making this book suitable for commercial and editorial applications.
Discover the secrets of success behind professional photographers' work, and learn how to get the best out of your models on a shoot.
PLUS a technical how-to section gives master classes in angles, lighting, styling, and more.

In this beautiful, yet extremely practical source book, fashion photographer Eliot Siegel embarks on an ambitious project to pull together 1,000 poses for photographing models. Designed to inspire photographers and models alike, the book's poses are organized by type including standing, sitting, reclining, crouching, kneeling, and dynamic poses, as well as head and shoulder shots and expressions. For selected images, Siegel includes a lighting diagram as well as a detailed explanation of how the image was made, but in every case he explains why a pose works, or why it doesn't.

This image-packed reference also features iconic photography from prominent fashion photographers and includes a how-to chapter at the beginning of the book that provides a crash course on lighting, styling, props, and backgrounds-everything you need to know to make a woman look great, regardless of which of the 1,000 poses you wind up using.

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