The Kamasutra : The Original Sanskrit and An English Translation

The Kamasutra : The Original Sanskrit and An English Translation


The first compete edition of the Kamasutra. It contains a crisp introduction; the original Sanskrit; a new, accurate and readable English translation; fifty full-page illustrations using period clothing, jewelry, and settings; and a thorough index. Composed almost two thousand years ago, it is surprisingly modern in its depiction of human nature and sexual practices.

From the Introduction
The Kamasutra is the most famous guide to sensual pleasure ever written--indeed, one of the most notorious books in the history of the world. Its acute insights into human nature are still relevant today. While previous publishers typically either stole the word "Kamasutra" and slapped it on a book of modern photographs, or neglected to include the original Sanskrit, or reprinted an old, faulty translation (or introduced a new, faulty translation), or included reproductions of miniatures made more than a millennium after the text was composed, and I have labored mightily to create a proper edition. It includes the original Sanskrit typeset in Devanagari, a new, accurate and readable English translation, and illustrations using period clothing, jewelry, and settings that actually correspond to what is described in the text.

In his love chamber, his decorated bedroom replete with flowers and filled with the fragrance of perfume and incense, the elegant man, together with his friends and servants, with soothing words should offer the woman--already slightly drunk, bathed, and adorned--another drink.

He sits down on her right side, touching her coiffure, the hem of her garment, or her waistband. He gently embraces her with his left arm to arouse her.

There follows jocular and affectionate conversation about past matters, mentioning briefly things secret and obscene.

There is music, with dance or without dance, and discussions about the arts. Then she is enticed with another drink.

When she starts to feel passionate, the rest of the people are sent away with a gift of flowers, oils, and betel. When they are alone, he should arouse her with the embraces and so forth that have been described. Then he should proceed to loosen her waistband, etc., as described.

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