Doctor Mozart Music Theory Workbook Level 1A

Doctor Mozart Music Theory Workbook Level 1A


What's Inside?

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Help Your Child Succeed with Music

Music theory knowledge is essential for your child's success. Doctor Mozart's keyboard-based approach to music theory can help your child succeed with any musical instrument, including piano, guitar, flute, violin, and voice. Doctor Mozart workbooks will help your child with:

Entertaining graphic memory aids that help your child stay interested and remember each lesson.Clear, detailed explanations in short, simple sentences.Highly effective exercises to ensure that your child understands every topic.Experience with writing notes, clefs, and musical symbols by hand, for learning that is deep and enduring.Free videos on the website to help your child get started with music theory.

Ideal for young beginners, the three Doctor Mozart Level 1 workbooks cover the following topics in depth:

Level 1A Topics

The treble and bass clefs. Match staff notes with keys on the keyboard. The C major triad.Quarter, half, and whole notes. Bar lines and measures. Time signatures.

Level 1B Topics

All notes on the treble and bass staffs. Draw lines from staff notes to the keyboard.Quarter, half, and whole notes and rests. Time signatures.Dynamics and articulation marks.

Level 1C Topics

Accidentals. Diatonic and chromatic semitones. Enharmonic notes. Key signatures. Scales.Tempo and expression terminology.

A colorful certificate of achievement at the end of each book rewards students for their effort.

Children 8 and up may prefer the Doctor Mozart Older Beginners workbook, instead of Levels 1A and 1B.

After completing the Level 1 workbooks, your child can progress to the more advanced Level 2 and 3 workbooks, for success with a musical instrument at an intermediate level.

Ideal For Music Lessons and Home Schooling

Because each topic is explained clearly and in detail, Doctor Mozart workbooks are easy to understand for children and parents alike. Hence they are ideal for home schooling.

As well, Doctor Mozart workbooks are exceptionally helpful with formal music lessons, no matter what other teaching materials are used. They are also compatible with the Royal Conservatory of Music(R) Basic Rudiments program and the Music Teachers' Association of California Certificate of Merit(R).

Music Teachers Reviews

"I have several of my 4 and 5 year olds using the Doctor Mozart Book. They are enjoying it immensely." D.L., AB.

"Our Kindergarten and 1st graders especially love this book. I'm really impressed with how much they enjoy doing their theory work. If anything is going to get done during the week, it is their pages in Doctor Mozart." L.H., LA

"I have been searching for a theory book which will enhance the piano student's lessons rather than bore them. The Doctor Mozart theory book is filled with everything for which I have been searching. The pages are colorful, and there are interesting, fun tips that help students retain information in ways not found in the traditional theory books." J.K., Maple Grove, MN


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