How to Help Your Smoker Quit

How to Help Your Smoker Quit


Your Smoker (Secretly) Wants Your Help! This book teaches a simple, radically peaceful and non-threatening approach to helping your smoker quit. This book shows you what kind of help your smoker wants from you and, more importantly, what you need for yourself in order to better love your smoker better and inspire and support your smoker's quit attempts! Is this book a magic bullet or miracle cure for smoking? Sorry, no. (Nobody yet has such a cure.) But does this gentle approach actually work to help your smoker quit, much, much better than nagging, complaining, threatening or ignoring? Absolutely yes! In this book you will learn how to: Not fight with your smoker about smoking (and why not!) Talk with your smoker about smoking, without causing defensiveness Actually laugh with your smoker about this goofy habit Ask the right questions, at the right time, to make a real difference Experience more freedom from tobacco in your own life Experience more peace about tobacco in your own life. Gently bring this same peace and freedom to your smoker Bear Jack Gebhardt has been called "The Tiger Woods of the stop smoking game!" He is the author of four books, including the international classic, "The Enlightened Smokers Guide to Quitting" and most recently, "Practicing the Presence of Peace." He presented his cutting edge research at both the World Conference and the National Conference on Tobacco or Health. "Bear is funny and bright and absolutely spot on." THIS BOOK COULD SAVE NOT ONLY YOUR SMOKER'S LIFE, BUT YOURS AND OTHERS! IF YOUR SMOKER SMOKED TODAY, BUY THIS BOOK TODAY! "I was so surprised when, after I quit nagging (following your advice) my husband decided to sign up for a stop smoking class. It took a while-but our relationship was so much improved during that time, it was worth it. Thanks!" Alison M., Fort Collins, CO. "Thank you! thank you! for teaching my wife this stuff. It may have saved our marriage. And I finally quit!" Tom H., Lyons, CO "After our talk, I felt so relieved. I could go home and love my son again, in the way we both really needed it. You've made a big difference in our lives. life. Thank you" Jenny A., Cleveland, OH "I've been trying to get my mother to quit since I was in grade school When I had kids of my own, it got worse. .I'm sorry to say, her smoking has been real thorn in our relationship. You taught me what I needed to know. Peace is finally possible between us. Linda L., Denver, CO.

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