The World According to Jack : A Dog's-Eye View with Self-Help Advice for Other Dogs

The World According to Jack : A Dog's-Eye View with Self-Help Advice for Other Dogs


Ever wonder what's going on inside the head of your four-legged best friend? John Newport did, which is what motivated him to collaborate with Jack, his 10-pound Chihuahua mix, on Jack's first book project titled The World According to Jack.

Narrated from the head and heart of a fun-loving, opinionated Chihuahua mix prone to delusions of grandeur, The World According to Jack represents a literary milestone as the first known book in which the dog himself garners full authorship credit.

The World According to Jack presents a broad appeal to dog lovers throughout the world, providing a side-splitting and heart-warming dog's-eye view of the world surrounding this charming creature. Replete with self-help advice for other dogs, the book contains five chapters for dogs only on "Training Your (Human) Parents" - providing dogs tips on how to persuade mom and dad to give them extra treats, and even work their way into sleeping on the bed with them. Other choice pearls of wisdom include chapters titled "Everyone Needs a Hobby" (describing Jack's mega-obsession with food), "Weight Watchers for Dogs," "So Now I'm a Marriage Counselor" and "Keep Them Laughing."

Ever full of surprises, in the final chapter "The Grand Finale" Jack launches his off-the-wall presidential campaign for 2020. His motto: "The nation's going to the dogs - let's make it official!

Warning: If you are not already a dog lover, you will be by the time you finish this book.

"I invite you to partake in this journey with Jack and his humans. You'll find it entertaining, insightful and heart-warming, and you'll no doubt have many laughs along the way."
- From the Foreword by Dr. Steven Farmer, author, Animal Spirit Guides (Hay House)

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