Klutz Junior: My Fairy Wish Kit

Klutz Junior: My Fairy Wish Kit


Children will love greeting their
tiny magical friends with this fairy welcoming kit.

Complete with ten projects and special
instructions on how to summon a visit from their favorite
fairy while they're sleeping, this kit is essential to giving
your child a boost of confidence.

Whether they're looking for a tooth
fairy to help them when they've lost a tooth or a brave
fairy to give them courage when they're afraid, this kit will
make all of their wishes come true.

Children can decorate a fairy door, dress
up a special fairy doll, craft a wand, and more, to turn the experience
into the perfect fairy tale.

Dress up your fairy with dresses, skirts,
and tutus, then add your favorite hairstyle, tiara, and wings.

Make a wish by adding a wish card to let
your fairy know what you are thinking about.

Decorate your fairy door for your magical
friend by adding punch-outs, potted trees, wrapped wreaths, garland,
and more.

Keepsake, can
be Redesigned and reused over and over.

No cutting
or glue required.

Promotes imaginary
play and creativity.

Includes a 28 page book

What You Get

Wooden fairy doll

Fairy door

Mini fairy wand

Mini fairy tutu

Chenille trim

Craft floss

2 garland stands

Over 70 punch-out pieces

Chenille pom-poms

Sticky Dots

Foiled jewel stickers

What You Can Make

What is Klutz?

Klutz is
a premium brand of book-based activity kits, designed to inspire
creativity in every child. Our unique combination of crystal-clear
instructions, custom tools and materials, and hearty helpings
of humor is 100% guaranteed to kick-start creativity.




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