The Skin Nerd : Your straight-talking guide to feeding, protecting and respecting your skin

The Skin Nerd : Your straight-talking guide to feeding, protecting and respecting your skin


'This bestseller beauty bible is full of straight-talking tips and wisdom for anyone in quest of the secret to eternal youth and beauty.' Irish Mail on Sunday

'The skin is an organ and should be respected accordingly'

This is the mantra of award-winning skincare expert Jennifer Rock, also known as The Skin Nerd. We should feed our skin, shield it, and give it all the care and attention it needs - and deserves. in her first book, Jennifer shares all the passion, knowledge and expertise she has gathered over her extensive career to bring you the essential guide to healthy skin.

Written with Jennifer's unique brand of humour and honesty, with nerd-isms galore, this book is jam-packed with 'skinformation' and advice to educate you about your skin needs at every stage of your life.

It includes The 10 Skin Nerd Commandments, advice on anti-ageing, acne and other skin conditions, the benefits of a refreshing Spritz O'Clock, which skingredients to look out for (and which to avoid), and how your diet affects the body's largest organ. The Skin Nerd will teach you a holistic approach to looking after your skin inside and out, and give you the confidence to achieve glowing, healthy skin.

'Jennifer is one of the most knowledgeable, honest and reliable experts I know and trust in the industry. A must read for anyone interested in proper skincare' Triona McCarthy, Sunday Independent Beauty Editor

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