Helping Children Learn : Intervention Handouts for Use in School and at Home

Helping Children Learn : Intervention Handouts for Use in School and at Home


Now with 27 new handouts and the Spanish translations users have been asking for, the revised edition of this popular book offers a fresh, practical approach to teaching struggling students in elementary through high school. Applying their expert knowledge of how children learn, the authors developed more than 75 highly effective intervention handouts - ideal for teachers to use in the classroom and share with parents for use at home. This second edition is set up like the first: there is a short questionnaire that helps school psychologists pinpoint students' strengths and needs, and teachers use the handouts to address the areas that need work. Photocopiable and easy to print from the convenient new CD-ROM, the handouts in this edition: fit perfectly with RTI - give teachers a clear and easy way to help struggling students and take next steps if more intervention is needed; help students with a wide range of learning challenges, including learning disabilities, sensory issues, and emotional or behavioral problems; and, enhance the home - school connection - both teachers and parents can use the handouts to help children make progress in areas of concern. Each intervention handout is ready to use: it clearly describes the skill involved, indicates which children should use the intervention, and suggests easy-to-implement strategies. And because the handouts were developed around the four cognitive areas in Dr. Naglieri's well-respected PASS theory - Planning, Attention, Simultaneous processing, and Successive processing - users can be sure they're getting proven, reliable approaches to solving students' academic challenges.

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