Sonido y sentido : Teoria y practica de la pronunciacion del espanol con audio

Sonido y sentido : Teoria y practica de la pronunciacion del espanol con audio


"Sonido y sentido" lifts the learning of Spanish pronunciation for American English-speaking students to a new level, with support of an accompanying CD. Written in Spanish by a native speaker who is a leading figure in the field of Spanish phonology, this introduction to Spanish phonetics and phonology will improve both the pronunciation and understanding of spoken Spanish by demonstrating the specific ways in which the sound pattern of Spanish differs from English. Notable in that it explains the "why" of pronunciation with specific information on how the sounds of Spanish are organized - it also highlights the most important differences among varieties within the Spanish-speaking world. Together, the book and CD emphasize the sounds and sound combinations that are most problematic for English speakers learning Spanish. In addition to a clear theoretical analysis of Spanish phonology, "Sonido y sentido" introduces the fundamental concepts of language, Spanish language, and the teaching and learning of phonetics - Spanish phonetics in particular.
Utilizing the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) throughout the text to make for more precise phonetic descriptions, Guitart also discusses the relation between both the physical and psychological aspects of pronunciation. "Sonido y sentido" contains exercises, both transcription and pronunciation drills, and each chapter concludes with a section, "Para pensar", which tests comprehension of the concepts presented. Answers to the "Para pensar" exercises appear in a separate appendix. A glossary of technical terms, a subject index, and a basic bibliography of Spanish phonetics and phonology round out this fresh and rewarding contribution to learning the Spanish language.

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