Color, Cut, Dress Up 1950s Paper Dolls Coloring Book, Dollys and Friends Originals : Vintage Fashion History Paper Doll Collection, Adult Coloring Pages with Classic Fifties Style Costumes

Color, Cut, Dress Up 1950s Paper Dolls Coloring Book, Dollys and Friends Originals : Vintage Fashion History Paper Doll Collection, Adult Coloring Pages with Classic Fifties Style Costumes


Meet Dolly, Polly, Holly, Lolly, Jolly and Molly, new fashion paper dolls Dollys and Friends. You can begin creating your collection of paper dolls with this book which has 3 paper dolls and more than 40 outfits. With this coloring book you get to decide on the color of their outfits, and create unique wardrobe pieces. If you like the coloring book version you may also like their full colored paper dolls collections. Paper doll lovers and coloring enthusiasts of all ages will find hours of entertainment with more than 40 pieces of vintage style outfits. If you want your creations to last longer; color the outfit pages and then glue them to card stock before cutting. This book includes an extra copy of each of the outfits, so you can try different colors and combinations, or have a back-up in case of an error you made.
Please be aware that these paper dolls require careful hand cutting.
For adults, paper dolls may be a gateway to childhood memories but they also make great gifts for children. Younger children may need the help to cut these dolls out since the dolls and clothes are not perforated. However, this is a nice opportunity for fun family time. Paper dolls can bring adults and children together, and collections of paper dolls have always passed down to younger generations. New generations can learn a lot while playing with paper dolls. In a digital era where dress up games allow us to change clothes on paper dolls by only touching a screen, cutting these dolls the traditional way is a great help for developing motor skills. Playing together also helps to develop communication and cooperation between friends and family. Playing games goes hand in hand with storytelling, role-playing and fantasy so everyone can treasure the time spent playing with these paper dolls as memories full of creativity and imagination.
Paper dolls have a long history, and although inspired by antique and vintage paper dolls, Dollys and Friends are modern fashion dolls. Still, most of their wardrobe pieces are vintage fashions or period costumes. While these clothes are created after research, each outfit may not be authentic for that time period. Although there are many costumes and designer fashions for vintage themed books, it is still best to describe them as inspired by historical periods but not exact period costumes. Especially undergarments are more modern for the dolls to be used with different wardrobe choices. Every new outfit from Dollys and Friends Originals Books you will get will be wearable by these Original Dollys. Collecting these paper dolls and sharing them with children can also make fashion and history become one of their passions.

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