Hands-On Artificial Intelligence on Google Cloud Platform : Build intelligent applications powered by TensorFlow, Cloud AutoML, BigQuery, and Dialogflow

Hands-On Artificial Intelligence on Google Cloud Platform : Build intelligent applications powered by TensorFlow, Cloud AutoML, BigQuery, and Dialogflow


Develop robust AI applications with TensorFlow, Cloud AutoML, TPUs, and other GCP services

Key Features

Focus on AI model development and deployment in GCP without worrying about infrastructure
Manage feature processing, data storage, and trained models using Google Cloud Dataflow
Access key frameworks such as TensorFlow and Cloud AutoML to run your deep learning models

Book DescriptionWith a wide range of exciting tools and libraries such as Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Dataproc, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables efficient big data processing and the development of smart AI models on the cloud. This GCP book will guide you in using these tools to build your AI-powered applications with ease and managing thousands of AI implementations on the cloud to help save you time.

Starting with a brief overview of Cloud AI and GCP features, you'll learn how to deal with large volumes of data using auto-scaling features. You'll then implement Cloud AutoML to demonstrate the use of streaming components for performing data analytics and understand how Dialogflow can be used to create a conversational interface. As you advance, you'll be able to scale out and speed up AI and predictive applications using TensorFlow. You'll also leverage GCP to train and optimize deep learning models, run machine learning algorithms, and perform complex GPU computations using TPUs. Finally, you'll build and deploy AI applications to production with the help of an end-to-end use case.

By the end of this book, you'll have learned how to design and run experiments and be able to discover innovative solutions without worrying about infrastructure, resources, and computing power.

What you will learn

Understand the basics of cloud computing and explore GCP components
Work with the data ingestion and preprocessing techniques in GCP for machine learning
Implement machine learning algorithms with Google Cloud AutoML
Optimize TensorFlow machine learning with Google Cloud TPUs
Get to grips with operationalizing AI on GCP
Build an end-to-end machine learning pipeline using Cloud Storage, Cloud Dataflow, and Cloud Datalab
Build models from petabytes of structured and semi-structured data using BigQuery ML

Who this book is forIf you're an artificial intelligence developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, or deep learning engineer looking to build and deploy smart applications on Google Cloud Platform, you'll find this book useful. A fundamental understanding of basic data processing and machine learning concepts is necessary. Though not mandatory, familiarity with Google Cloud Platform will help you make the most of this book.

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