This Plague of Days, Season Two

This Plague of Days, Season Two

This Plague of Days, Season Two


"Unique, smart, thought provoking, multi-layered and intensely terrifying." Alex Kimmell, author of The Key to EverythingThis Plague of Days began with bio-terrorists launching the war for the future. The Sutr-X virus killed billions in the world flu pandemic that ended the world as we knew it. But the virus wasn't done with us: it mutated into Sutr-Z and turned ordinary people into rabid bio-weapons.The virus is still evolving and those infected by the new strain are more terrifying than ever. The only thing that stands between these dark, destructive forces and the annihilation of the human race is one strange, autistic boy. Caught in a cataclysm he doesn't understand, Jaimie Spencer is merely a messenger. Soon, the boy must lead an army.Season One of This Plague of Days was the siege. Season Two is the journey. Jaimie and his family flee the Midwest for a hoped-for haven in Maine. The European conflict with the infected escalates and spreads. A new, cannibalistic species appears and New York is the terrorists' next target. No one is safe, not even in their dreams.A former journalist and columnist, Robert Chazz Chute is a multi-award-winning writer. He hosts the All That Chazz podcast and the Cool People Podcast. Learn more at and

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