Expect No Help : The Life and Times of Jumpin' Jack Flash Common Sense from an uncommon Source

Expect No Help : The Life and Times of Jumpin' Jack Flash Common Sense from an uncommon Source


Someone didn't like the radio station that was playing, so it got shot up. Wood was being split in the kitchen and thousands of beer cans were strewn all over the place. Motorcycles and parts were all in the dining room. That became the garage. Some girl painted the Stones' big tongue on one of the walls. It took up the whole wall and she did a really good job. Rusty would stop in every now and then with his buddies. All of Johnny's friends thought that Rusty was pretty cool, and he would take a look around and ask, "You guys gonna be alive tomorrow?"

Follow Jumping Jack, a free-spirit extraordinaire with a taste for anything dangerous. Flipping, smashing, and burning twenty-dollar cars; throwing weeklong crack parties; and the author's political views on DUIs along with other contemporary issues are detailed in this tell-all romp of a memoir.

Join Johnny and the crew, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of steel from old metal shops just to survive. Experience the anything-goes, vagrant lifestyle that defined the 1960s. Find out what it is to be yourself, even if you take a long way. The author reminds us of what it means to be American. Cesspool speaks from the heart, and it shows.

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